Sparky Champion 

Hi,  I am Sparky Champion a freelance traveling model,  I started this path when I was 18. 3 years ago, in hopes that I could have a career more ambitious than the average person. Today I am living that dream thanks to those around me that build me up and support the stones beneath my toes.
I do this because it’s the most  intriguing, lively, inspiring job I’ve experienced. Seeing the joy that I have to offer in the smile of those around me. I also believe that I will succeed in this career because of willingness to produce a better image each time. The passion and ambition I share with my collages. I will  be famous for my fine art images and I can do it with support from people that believe in me and my choice to be a freelance traveling model.

Now I’m sure you’d like to know what I have accomplished

in the 3 years of modeling until now.

  • Published 3 times
    • once internationally
    • twice more on Internet magazines
    • thrill society
    • Michelle 7
What’s special about the modeling I do?
Well I’d like to think it is the spontaneity, stamina, enthusiasm, and ambition I bring to my sessions. As well as the passion, and motivation I portray in my images.
 I am interested in:
Furthering my modeling career thru networking with potential photographers.
Future Goals:
I have available prints, throw pillows, puzzles, whatever you can put a picture on, I have probably done the work to make this available to you.
Humanitarian efforts:
I’d like to put a defined line between fine art(what I do)  and porn(which I don’t do)

I like to think that how sustainable I live helps the world, but the truth is, I see so much love in our communities, I know that it has always been the people that give the most in my life. Very thankful for all the beautiful people in this world.

I hope to one day inspire a young model, just like me, to push as hard as I have to make this career a possibility.  Everyone should have a chance at their dream.
I would like to: 
I will put a defined line between fine art(what I do) and porn (which I don’t do).  I have intents to shoot all over the world, (if you think you can help, let me know). I have hopes that people will remember true models by their ability to hold strong in outrageous situations and always overcome. One day, I will go skydiving.